At some level, you know it’s true. If you’ve ever said to yourself ‘Is this it? There’s got to be more to life than THIS’, you know what I’m talking about. Whatever THIS is, is what we’ve been programmed to believe is our reality. We’ve questioned it, yes, but that’s as far as we’ve gone. We’ve yet to discover what’s on the other side of ‘THIS’. We’ve become comfortable with a river of misery flowing in the background (sometimes the foreground) of our lives.

The truth is, you are here to live a vital, joyous & creative life.

We all are! That’s right, you, your family, your friends, neighbours and even the so-called ‘enemies’ are all created in the image & likeness of God. And light, joy and peace abide in all of us, it’s our birthright. You’re probably thinking ‘What happened? How come nobody told me about this? How do I tap into this vital, joyous and creative version of me?’

The solution is simple: forgiveness offers you everything!

That’s right. The f-word: forgiveness. It’s the key to happiness and A Course in Miracles tells us so. This modern-day ascension manual outlines a step by step, day by day practical guide to forgiveness and if practiced, as the Christ tells us, with even the slightest bit of willingness, will deliver astounding results.

You’ll be happy. Peaceful. Inspired.

When you live with an open heart, connected to your source, with an understanding that everything serves your highest good, life becomes a joy-ride, a journey to be treasured, and that river of misery…what river!?

You’ll learn practical tools to increase your vitality, joy, and peace.

Growth and change are a result of active participation. So whether you’re sharing or listening with an open heart, simply being present and willing to participate will deliver results! I’ll use the concepts of ACIM to help you to uproot and break through the blocks to that beautiful inner peace. And when one of us breaks through – we all break through. Because we are all ONE…

But more about that on Sunday at ACIM

I can’t wait to see you there.
With love,

Heart Beat

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