BreathWorks: The I Am Presence LIVE

Sunday, May 28 10am Malaysia (UTC+8)

Saturday May 27 10pm Toronto (EST)
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You are Destined to Become One with Your I Am Presence or Divine Self.

From light through the darkness, the soul journeys in time and space evolving on the path of Self-Realisation until it returns to the light. You are destined to become one with your Divine Self!

Through the power of BreathWorks, every conscious breath brings you closer to attaining union with God.

This Powerful BreathWorks Session

Is all about breathing with the intention to balance karma in order to fulfil your purpose on earth and make your ascension to the spiritual dimensions of love light, which is your Real Home.

BreathWork shifts your perception by transforming fear into love, lack into abundance, sickness into health and weakness into strength.

Awaken to Your I Am Presence with BreathWorks.

What to Expect in a BreathWorks Session

The session begins with a short talk to remind everyone about the BreathWorks process, and instructions will be given at that time so everyone is clear. We’ll close with an Invocation and prayer.

All you need to prepare is a pillow and a blanket. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and have your computer close by so you can hear my voice guiding you through this powerful Conscious Connected BreathWorks session. (You’ll need energy to consciously draw the breath in, so be sure to stop eating least 2 hours before we start).

Say Yes to Self-Mastery

Experience a Spiritual Resurrection in mind, body and spirit as you consciously breathe in love and breathe out fear.

I am a being of Violet Fire, I am the Purity God Desires!

See you soon.
With the highest love,

Read more about how to prepare for BreathWorks here.

Price: $ 25.00
Credit/debit card payments are charged in USD. RM110 for Malaysian bank transfers, $35.00 for Canadian bank transfers.