Chrion, Astrological GlyphMeet Chiron the Centaur. Discovered in 1977 as an Astroid orbiting between Saturn and Uranus!  A new kid on the block so to speak assisting you to clean up your act so you can be the healed healer.

The glyph of Chiron looks like a skeleton key and unlocks the treasures found in your core wound as it transits through Aries until 2027.

Find out the house and sign placement of Chiron in your chart, look to see what house cusp Aries is on, blend it and voila! You’ll have a pretty good idea of what you’re up against.

Repeating patterns, karmic relationships and much more, Chiron represents the archetype of the wounded healer and is activating all that you’ve pushed down and out of your awareness.

Depending on House, Sign and Aries Cusp, You’re Most Likely Already Feeling it.    

Remember to take a look at your chart with the Holy Spirit. Look at your darkness but do not dwell. Give everything to Spirit and be willing to release it.

Order your chart to find out where Chiron is! If you don’t have a chart or have a chart without Chiron in it, contact Jaime and go ahead and book a Skype session with me if you need additional information.

Don’t run around town as the unhealed healer. Instead, do the work, forgive the dream of separation and be ready to move mountains. Raise the dead and yes, walk on water.

You’ll become a space of love and a guide for others in their awakening.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Astrology Workshop, July 13 & 14 in Melaka complete with BreathWorks. Also, we welcome Chiron and discuss his role in the birthing of a new paradigm. Don’t worry if you’re a first timer you’ll fit right in because this is a huge review so you will be able to catch up. Handouts and worksheets are included.

Reading from A Course in Miracles Chapter 7: The Decision for God.

Until next time – I love you, you know that I do
Dehyana xo
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