When you incarnated into a physical body, all seven of your chakras were wide open

Children come in protected, they’re surrounded by spirit guides and angels, and in many cases carry on conversations with these “imaginary” friends.   Until the age of 7, they’re really tapped in. In their world, the veils between dimensions are thin so they have easy access to the world of spirit. And then by the age of 7, they’ve been programmed with fear. The child now operates out of the bottom 3 chakras, otherwise known as the well of sorrow.

The well of sorrow, the bottom 3 chakras is where core wounds, unconscious guilt, and fear are stored. Like robots, we’ll continue to live out of the “well of sorrow” until we undo this fear-based thought system taught to us by unconscious adults.

When you journey to Egypt with me, you’re ultimately working toward Self-Mastery. You’re working with earth energies, activating and purifying the chakras, raising your vibration and leaving your darkness behind.


Egypt is the Path of Initiation

The Chakras and the Nile

Root Chakra

Egypt is the mother, she is your teacher. Beginning on Lake Nasser, you’ll be energetically activated to remember who you are. Walking as “Sat Chit Ananda” (love and light according to Sai Baba) while purifying the mind of untruths, you begin the great awakening. This is a journey of enlightenment.

Sacral Chakra

From the Red earth energy of Abu Simbel at the root chakra, you move to Philae to be in the light of Divine mother, Isis. Flowing with what is, you allow emotions and feelings to surface while claiming truth. In Philae, we are in the emotional body where a stockpile of unhealed emotions and feelings may come to the surface. Ultimately, you will know truth; you are not the body.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The power of Kom Ombo, in the temple of Horus and Set, you find yourself awakening to the power within, realising that real power comes from choosing love. This is where the battle between Set and Horus takes place. Conflict. Your mind is split. You must choose. Love or fear, what will it be? The element of fire is upon you, as you are in the mental plane. Drop the ego. You are not the body.

Heart Chakra

Enter the heart chakra of Dendera. Divine Hathor, lady of the stars. Goddess of the Milky Way.
You’re starting to get it; you are a container for love. Your heart bursts open with love, forgiveness, and compassion for one and all.  Horus has won the battle. You are Horus…the hero of the dream. You realise that you are the soul divine. You are consumed in the healing green energy of your true nature. I am love, I am light. I am.

Throat Chakra

Turquoise blue. The throat chakra. Here you recognise that you are the embodiment of divine will in action. Your thoughts, words, and deeds are aligned with truth. How you language your life changes. Complaining stops. You speak of life, not death.


Sarcophagus in the King's Chamber

Third Eye Chakra

In the all-seeing eye of Horus, you see the truth that all are one. You are now in the Indigo light of the third eye chakra and you remember that spirit uses your body as a vehicle to experience itself in the world. You are happy to be of service and you want enlightenment for everybody in the same way that you want it for yourself. Praise God; the light has come.

Crown Chakra

Lying in the Sarcophagus in the great pyramid of Giza, you have reached the pinnacle. The Atonement. Here in the I AM of the violet light you claim “I and my Father are one”.  Cause and Effect. When you have seen me, you have seen the Father. You have raised your consciousness to the level of the indwelling Christ and now your life is your message. Love all. Serve all.

I can’t wait to walk the path of initiation with you in Egypt!

Heart Beat

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