Life is a both a blessing and a mystery and like a beautiful jewel it is precious!  Each of us being created in the Image and after the Likeness of God  have incarnated in this lifetime to raise our consciousness to the level of the indwelling Christ.  Are you prepared to live life in 5th dimension where you know with certainty that you live, move and have your being in God?   From Pythagorus, to Herodotus and many other initiates under the Order of Melchizedek (the High Priest), you now have an opportunity to answer the call and undertake a journey that will forever change you right down to the level of your DNA.

Egypt is the Mother. She is ancient and she holds deep wisdom and knowledge.  Hers is the path of the kundalini from 3rd dimension through the 4th to 5th dimension and beyond.  She teaches you by having you experience the profound energies in each of the temples and sacred sites.  She stirs you as the initiate to remember who you are.  From the root chakra to the crown you will be activated and the Spirit will come alive in you.   

Egypt awakens you to the pulse of your heart and the light of your soul.  Miracles abound on this trip as many have experienced over the years.  You might touch the robe of a High Priest in Abydos, or be lifted high on the wings of Isis to get a closer look at the zodiac on the ceiling of Hathors temple in Dendara.  You may even feel a power surge of energy blast through your entire body awakening you at a cellular level you as you stand on a vortex, or astral travel through one of her stargates to a world beyond. Sacred geometries, astrology, astronomy and esoteric truths all call you to remember your natural inheritance as God’s beloved son. You are here in this lifetime to receive the gifts of Spirit and to go on and do great things.

Do you see why Egypt is so mysterious and oftentimes frightens those who answer the call?  Egypt really does call you to wake up to your greatness. Traveling as an initiate we learn all about the history of the monuments with an experienced Egyptologist. We visit museums and cultural sites, enjoy Nubian shows and belly dancers, experience serene Felucca rides on the Nile, explore the desert on camelback, dance, laugh and make new friends and it’s so much fun.

But more than that as we go from darkness to light (chakras) we let go by releasing the past.  We allow whatever wants to come up to be in the light. We hold nothing back and let Spirit lead.  This is truly a traveling ministry with like-minded individuals joining together for the great awakening. From fear to love we go. Temple by temple turning the light on in our own mind to uncover our true nature.

The journey to Egypt is a living workshop. You will learn all about universal mind thinking, which is the zodiac as above, so below. Everywhere you look there is astrology, the highest science to be held.

It has been nearly 2 decades that I have been bringing groups to Egypt and I have learned so much myself, that I could honestly write an entire text on the subject.  Having studied Khemetology, Egyptology, Universal laws, Astrology and so much more, it is truly my honour to share these teachings with you.  

This is not the kind of stuff you read about in history books!

Starting with a 5-day cruise on Lake Nasser (the root chakra), and ending in the Great Pyramid of Giza (crown chakra) prepare yourself for a spiritual picnic!  Awakening is fun in Egypt! 

Oooh…this tour has SO much to offer, I can’t possibly fit it all in this email. You have to come and experience it for yourself! 

Lastly, what I know for sure is this; you will leave Egypt a different person than when you arrived.

This year, for the first time ever, we’ll spend 5 days in Jordan visiting beautiful archaeological sites and beginning the process of purification in the Dead Sea in preparation for the 14 day initiation tour through Egypt. 


I can’t wait to experience Egypt with you. Register today to secure your spot.

I am love, I am light, I am
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