Crystal Skulls, Symbols of the Great Awakening


Crystal Skulls, Symbols of the Great Awakening About 10 years ago, crystal skulls came into my life in a big way. I was skepticalI was a mother of 4, a grandmother and quite frankly, I thought they were weird, voodoo and I wanted nothing to do with them. But, you know as well as I know...What you resist persists!It wasn't until I leaned into the resistance, let go of the judgements, and opened my heart and mind to crystal skulls that I  discovered for myself what they are all about, and let me tell you - they are powerful, and they are surfacing everywhere as symbols of the great awakening. They come in all shapes and sizes, each carrying a message for us.Enter Thelma, a [...]

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Communication Leads to Conflict Resolution


Communication Leads to Conflict Resolution Attack is always physical.  Identification with the body is separation.  Communication ends separation. Remember the Holy Spirit interprets the body only as a means of communication.  Align with Spirit and put an end to conflict.Invite the Holy Spirit into your heartSet your intention.  I want to resolve this issue.  “Peace is my goal”No Blame - Give up victim consciousness and be 100% responsible for your contribution to the situationListen closely to what is being said and be sure to repeat it with statements such as “So you are saying that”  or “Am I hearing you right when you say”  Validation is key.Be sure to acknowledge them by saying things like:  “I understand”.  “I hear you”  “That's a good point”.  “You [...]

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Meditation = No Tension


Meditation = No Tension Let’s meditate…Sit up tall, close your eyes, maybe hold a crystal, repeat ‘OOOOOOM’.Is your mind spinning? If so…read on, and watch the video…this message is for YOU!‘So…what exactly is meditation?’ A State of NO TENSION!To meditate means to get out of your head and get into the creative flow of the moment.‘So, how do I do that?’ you might be thinking….It’s actually quite simple. Ask yourself:What do I like to do? To create? What is something I enjoy doing that takes up 100% of my focus?Now…GO DO THAT!*ta-dah! You’re in a state of meditation (no tension)*Be creative. Get into the creative flow of your life! You’ll feel better, you’ll have more energy, you’ll smile more, you’ll want to reach out. Basically, [...]

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