Then the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not abide in man forever, for he is flesh: his days shall be 120 years.”
 Genesis – 6:3

Did you know that your Soul comes in with an energetic blueprint that is to last 120 years?

Exciting news, right?

Baby: first stage of life

Until your first Saturn return at the age of 28-30, you’re like a baby. Your journey begins in the womb. Once born into the world, everything is brand new, but having lots of energy in your soul, you’re wide-eyed and eager to discover what the world has in store for you.

From the age of 30 to 60 your soul enters the second stage. The warrior stage. Always striving, seeking and working hard to achieve something. Not only do you gather information along the way, you learn lots of lessons with each and every experience.

When you reach the age of 58-60 (your second Saturn return), you will begin to question your life. At this stage, you may discover that you’re quite tired of being a warrior. It’s at this time that your soul cries out because it’s yearning to use your personality to express itself.

seeker: third stage of life

Suddenly you find yourself searching for deeper meaning in your life. Nothing seems to satisfy you anymore as there’s a relentless yearning to return to Self. When tears well in your eyes as you answer the call to live a more inspired and authentic life, you have found yourself.

And this is your true calling!

Often times people start a business based on their true soul calling, or they’ll go back to school or they suddenly realise a talent that they buried and are now excited to bring forth.

This is the work of the soul

It’s calling you to express the desires of your heart which are in alignment with your values and what’s most important to you! This is freedom.

You see, the soul never retires

It yearns to use your personality as long as you shall live. You are here to merge your personality with the true calling of your Soul.

Only then will you be truly happy

From the age of 90 to 120, the last 30 years of your energetic soul package, the Soul delights itself in pure being. Your personality, having merged with your soul, now knows itself as whole, perfect and complete. Your body is a moving temple through which your soul radiates pure love, joy, peace, harmony and sweetness. You are now in a state of equanimity and the world is blessed by your presence alone.

The soul is happy…and so are you.

Return to Light

Living authentically through the personality, the soul expresses the glory of God until it is ready to lay the body down. At which time, the divine elements of love that make up your body temple – earth, water, fire and air, all return to the mother…and the little soul, a spark of the Divine has become the living fire of God and joyfully returns to the Creator.

Job well done!

Until next time, remember, I love you…you know that I do!
Heart Beat