Walk By Faith, Not By Feelings


Walk By Faith, Not By Feelings Have you ever… Been confused about the inner guidance you’re receiving? Asked for guidance, received it and then second guessed it? Been given clear guidance and immediately felt afraid to follow it? This video is for you. You’ll see what I mean as I respond to this email I received a few days ago: Hi Dehyana, I was so excited when I received your email about your Egypt tour and it does look amazing. I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt and I finally have the time and the money. When I viewed the pictures on your website of all the temples, the desert and the camels, the pyramids and all the smiling faces, my heart started to [...]

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What Is Your True Nature?


What Is Your True Nature? I’ll give you a hint…you are not the body! You are much, MUCH more than that. You, my friend, are Spirit, a holy Son of God, free of all limits, safe and healed and whole, free to forgive, and free to save the world. ~ ACIMYou are made of pretty powerful stuff.And I’ll bet you didn’t know that practicing today’s lesson not only heals your mind, bringing you joy and inner peace but that it actually heals our world!Find out more…Go ahead and turn toward the light within you, toward your true nature and identify with Spirit, as I lead you through a short guided meditation and reflection on ACIM Lesson 97. I promise you’ll be glad you did!  Now [...]

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